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Our Story:

Founded by venkataharicharan in may 2018,bookfaceimpact is a science and technology website.I'm Create this website only for my passion.
The main goal of this page is
1. Provide quality and good Science and Technology Articles.
2. To Increase visitors knowledge through Articles.
3. Telling the importance of technology and science.

The Mission:
  1. Increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere
  2. Enhance teaching and learning on online
  3. Advance teaching and learning through research
  4. Bookfaceimpact is the open-source platform that powers Technology Articles and is freely available. With Bookfaceimpact, educators and technologists can build learning tools and contribute new features to the platform, creating innovative solutions to benefit students everywhere.

About Me:

MCA(Master of Computer Application 2015 - 2018) at
Nizam Institute Of Engineering And Technology.


Bachelor of Science MECS (2012 - 2015)
Kakathiya University India




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