Ethical hacking for beginners

Ethical Hacking Trojan Attacks |TCP/IP Hijacking:

Trojans have several malicious functions:  
1. Present on a victim system, or to observe the activities of the victim.
2. Trojans can steal all your financial data like bank accounts, transaction details,
3.PayPal related information, etc. These are called Trojan-Banker.
4. Trojans can use the victim computer to attack other systems using Denial of
5. Trojans can encrypt all your files and the hacker may thereafter demand money to
   decrypt them. These are Ransomware Trojans.
6. They can use your phones to send SMS to third parties. These are called SMS

Trojan Information:

Quick Tips:

1. Install a good antivirus and keep it updated.
2. Don’t open email attachments coming from unknown sources.
3. Don’t accept the invitation from unknown people in social media.
4. Don’t open URLs sent by unknown people or URLs that are in weird form.

Ethical Hacking – TCP/IP Hijacking:

TCP/IP Hijacking is once a licensed user gains access to a real network association
of another user. it's tired order to bypass the password authentication that is generally the start of a session. In theory, a TCP/IP connection is established as shown below:

To hijack this association, their area unit 2 possibilities:

Find the seq that could be a variety that will increase by one, however, there's no probability to predict it.
The second chance is to use the Man-in-the-Middle attack that, in simple
words, maybe a kind of network sniffing. For sniffing, we tend to use tools like Wireshark or Ethercap.
  1. A hacker monitors the information transmitted over a network and discovers the   IP’s of 2 devices that participate in a very association.
  2. When the hacker discovers the information processing of 1 of the users, he will place down the association of
  3. the other user by DoS attack then resumes communication by spoofing the Internet Protocol of the disconnected user.

In apply, one in all the simplest TCP/IP hijack tools is Shijack. it's developed exploitation Python language and you'll transfer it from the subsequent link:
Here is Associate in Nursing example of a

Shijack command:

root:/home/root/hijack# ./shijack eth0 53517 23
Here, we are trying to hijack a Telnet connection between the two hosts.
Hunt is another popular tool that you can use to hijack a TCP/IP connection. It can be
downloaded from

Ethical Hacking – Email Hijacking:

Email Hijacking, or email hacking, maybe a widespread menace these days. It works by victimization
the following 3 techniques that are

  1. email spoofing
  2. social engineering tools
  3. inserting viruses during a user pc.

Email Spoofing:

In email spoofing, the sender sends emails from a known domain, therefore the receiver thinks that he is aware of this person and opens the mail. Such emails usually contain suspicious links, uncertain content, requests to transfer cash, etc.

Social Engineering:
Email hacking can also be done by phishing techniques. See the following screenshot.

Spammers send promotional emails to completely different users, providing a large discount and tricking them to fill in their personal information. you've got tools accessible in Kali which will drive you to hijack an email.

Inserting Viruses in a User System:
The third technique by that a hacker will hijack your email account is by infecting your system with a virus or the other reasonably malware. With the assistance of a virus, a hacker will take all of your passwords.

How to notice if your email has been hijacked?

The recipients of spam emails include a bunch of individuals you recognize.
you are attempting to access your account and also the countersign now not works.
you are attempting to access the “Forgot Password” link and it doesn't move to the expected email.
Your Sent things folder contains a bunch of spams you're not conscious of causation.

Quick tips:

In case you're thinking that your email got hijacked, then you wish to require the subsequent actions:
modification of the passwords forthwith.
send word your friends to not open links that they receive from your email account.
Contact the authorities and report that your account has been hacked.
Install an honest antivirus on your laptop and update it.
discovered double authentication countersign if it's supported.

Cybernetics Protector Tutorial Part 2

Cybernetics Protector

Technical Feasibility:

The technical issue sometimes raised throughout the feasibleness stage of the investigation includes the following:

Operational Feasibility:

Proposed comes are useful provided that they will be clad into data systems, which is able to meet the organization’s operative necessities. Operational feasibleness aspects of the project are to be taken as a vital a part of the project implementation. a number of the necessary problems raised are to check the operational feasibleness of a project includes the following: -
  1. Is there sufficient support for the management from the users
  2. Will the system be used and work properly if it's being developed and implemented?
  3. Will there be any resistance from the user that may undermine the possible application benefits?
This system is targeted to be in accordance with the preceding problems. Beforehand, the management problems and user needs are taken into thought. so there's no doubt of resistance from the users which will undermine the possible application advantages.
The well-planned design would make sure the best utilization of the pc resources and would facilitate within the improvement of performance status.

Economic Feasibility:

A system may be developed techniques which are going to be used if installed should still be a decent investment for the organization. within the economical feasibleness, the event value in making the system is evaluated against the last word profit derived from the new systems. financial advantages should equal or exceed the prices. The system is economically possible. It doesn't need any extra hardware or computer code.

Functional Requirements:Number of Modules:

After careful analysis the system has been identified to have the following modules:
  1. Admin Module
  2. Defense Ministry Module
  3. Agent Module
  4. Citizen module

1.Admin Module:

In this Module, Admin is nothing but Secret Intelligenc.e Agency‘s chief. He is also the mediator between agent and defense ministry.
Admin can perform the following operations.

  1. Agent Management: In this, the admin should be able to create/edit/view Agent’s     profile.
  2. Agent Appointment: In this, the admin can appoint the agent to a particular case.
  3. Add Success Stories: In this, the admin can add the stories which are the success in the investigation.
  4. Job Posting: In this, the admin has to post the jobs which are available in their organization. So  that any individual/citizen can view the available jobs and apply for it if they are eligible
  5. Inbox: In this, the admin got all the tips and suggestions that are sent by citizens.
  6. Reports: In this, the admin can able to view the reports related to all cases.
2.Defense Ministry Module:

Defense Ministry is the head of that secret Intelligence Agency organization. He will discuss everything related to the case to admin and then admin assigns agent. Defence Ministry can perform the following operations

  1. Case creation: In this, the defense has to create the case whatever they have including the title, resources allotted to that case, date etc..
  2. Reports: In this, the defense can able to view the reports related to all cases.
3.Agent Module:

In this Agent is an employee of this secret intelligence agency who can do the investigation about a particular case and got the evidence and finally send that evidence securely to the admin.
 The agent can do the following operations.

  1. Case creation: In this, the defense has to create the case whatever they have including the title, resources allotted to that case, date etc..
  2. Reports: In this, the defense can able to view the reports related to all cases.
4 CitizenModule: 

In this Citizen is an employee of this secret intelligence agency who can do the investigation about a particular case and got the evidence and finally send that evidence securely to the admin. The agent can do the following operations.In this citizen module, the citizen is nothing but the normal end user who can go through this site.
The citizen can perform the following operations.
  1. Success stories: In this, the citizen has the ability to see Success stories.
  2. Job search: In this, the citizen can see all the available jobs in secret intelligence agency and has the ability to apply for a job.
  3. Tips and Suggestions: In this, the citizen has the ability to give tips and suggestions.

How to create simple job contact form using html

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